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Should You Buy Pet Medications Online?

Now, more than ever, pets are members of the family. Like any other member of the family, pet owners want to make sure their pets are healthy and feeling their best at all times. When a pet gets sick, many pet owners are tempted to diagnose their pet at home and order medications online. Buying pet medication online can be convenient and oftentimes less expensive than purchasing from a pharmacy, however, these medications can be severely detrimental to your pet’s health.

It is nearly impossible to tell if the medications available online are legitimate, safe, or even legal. Giving pets medication purchased from an online source can have a number of adverse effects. Online medications may be ineffective or cause your pet’s condition to further decline, or worse.

Visit Your Veterinarian’s Office

Your pets depend on you to take care of them. When your pet isn’t feeling well, it is a natural, caring response to want to help them feel better quickly. Instead of getting online and searching for symptoms (which we all know could lead to unnecessary panic), taking them to your vet will allow both peace of mind and an accurate, medically sound care plan.

Taking your pet to the vet ensures that whatever might be causing their discomfort, will be properly diagnosed. Your vet has the experience, education, and high-tech medical equipment to make a proper diagnosis. Your vet will know what symptoms are significant and what each one may be causing. He or she knows how to put the puzzle together to make sure that they are giving your pet the most accurate diagnosis so that they can be appropriately treated.

Safe, FDA-Regulated Pet Medications

After a thorough exam and diagnosis, your vet will then be able to prescribe the correct medicine for your pet. Based on your pet’s exact symptoms, their species (and sometimes based on their specific breed), the vet will choose the exact dosage and exact medicine for your particular pet.

When buying medication for your pet, taking them to the vet is essential. If you purchase any medications online, you run the risk of misdiagnosing, getting the wrong medication, or worse. Not knowing exactly what is being put in the medications that you are buying online writing paper is a dangerous game of blind trust. The safest thing you can do is get your pet prescriptions directly from a veterinarian or pharmacy.

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