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Pet Medications Albuquerque

Pet Medications Albuquerque

The pet medications Albuquerque animals are safe to ingest are available at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. If you believe your pet may be struggling with an illness, we advise pet owners not to administer human medication to the animal. These substances can be harmful and cause long-term health issues.

Human Medications & Pets

Pet medications are developed specifically to treat the health issues of a particular animal. Your pet should only receive medication prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. It’s absolutely critical that your pet does not ingest any of the following human medications:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are very dangerous for pets. As little as one or two pills can cause a pet serious health issues like kidney failure or stomach and intestinal ulcers.
  • Acetaminophen is another common household medication that is dangerous for pets to ingest. It can cause harm to red blood cells in cats and dogs, as well as cause canine liver failure.
  • A single antidepressant ingested by a pet can cause serious neurological and cardiovascular problems.
  • Sleep-aids and anti-anxiety medications cause can either a dog to become lethargic and uncoordinated or agitated. Cats can also experience liver failure after consuming some benzodiazepines.
  • Large ingestions of birth control or long-term ingestions of cholesterol medications can also cause significant health issues in pets.  


If you believe your pet may have ingested these or other poisonous substances, immediately call Petroglyph Animal Hospital for professional advice and support.

Pet Medications Albuquerque: Proper Storage

All medications, pet and human, should be stored in their proper containers and kept out of reach from all animals in the household. To avoid confusion, human and pet medications should be kept separate from each other. Even over-the-counter or “all natural” human medications can be harmful to pets. Only give your family animal medicine that was prescribed by a licensed veterinarian; administering it only as directed.

You should never try to treat your animal’s health issues with human medication. Even seemingly “safe” medicines can cause serious health complications for your pet. Let the trained professionals at Petroglyph Animal Hospital prescribe the right medication and teach you how to properly care for your pet. We’ve got the pet medications Albuquerque animals need to stay healthy.