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Questions to ask your Small Animal Veterinarian before your Pet is Scheduled for Surgery

Sometimes, asking the right questions can mean life or death to your favorite small animal pet. At Petroglyph Animal Hospital of Albuquerque, New Mexico, we specialize in a wide range of Family Pet Veterinary Services. One of our specialties is small pet veterinary diagnosis, care, surgery and after-care. Ask us the hard questions and we will give you the right answers for you and your small animal pet.

Whatever your pets surgical needs, they are completely dependent on you to find the right veterinarian to perform that surgery successfully with minimized risks and a comfortable after-care and recovery period. Petroglyph Animal Hospital has compiled a list of important questions that you should refer to when selecting the right veterinary hospital to perform your pets surgical needs.

  • Is surgery part of your veterinary hospitals daily schedule? How often do you perform surgeries? Specifically ask your veterinarian how often they perform the particular surgery that your pet is going to undergo.
  • Do you have all of the necessary equipment needed to perform your pets surgery and how familiar are they with that equipment? If you don’t have all of the equipment will your pet be housed at multiple facilities or will the necessary equipment be brought in for that one procedure?
  • Will my pet require anesthesia? How do you determine how much medication and anesthesia to administer; by weight, breed, size?
  • Will my pet be catheterized for hydration and for other emergency procedures such as quick access to the cardiovascular system?
  • What outcome can I expect from this surgery?
  • How often is your surgical equipment sterilized? What should I do if my pet acquired an infection from the surgery?
  • Are there other alternative procedures or treatment for my pets medical issues other than surgery?
  • What is the possible risk and complications associated with anesthesia and surgery?
  • What can I expect for my pets after-care and recovery?
  • Should my pet spend the time in the veterinary hospital for an extended period of time after the surgery?
  • Are you a board certified veterinary surgeon and if not should a board certified veterinary surgeon be performing this surgery?


It is a tremendous benefit to your pet if their surgery needs are fulfilled by a veterinary surgical specialist. At Petroglyph Animal Hospital we are able to provide your small animal pet, and loved one, with the most up-to-date, technologically advanced, surgically certified small animal surgical veterinary center in the Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

Schedule an appointment with our veterinary team today and find out how we can benefit you and your small animal with our state-of-the-art small animal surgical center.

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