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Exotic Animal Vet Albuquerque

Exotic Animal Vet Albuquerque

Bring your pet to the exotic animal veterinarian Albuquerque residents have supported for over 20 years. At Petroglyph Animal Hospital, your pet’s health is our top priority. We’re fully equipped to provide specialized medical treatment to animals of all shapes and sizes.

From Golden Retrievers and guinea pigs to sugar gliders and snakes, Petroglyph Animal Hospital knows that every pet is a unique part of your family. Our team of veterinarians has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience tending to the specific needs of domestic and exotic animals. We’re here to provide you with the highest quality veterinary care, advice, and support.

Caring for Your Reptile

Reptiles can make great pets. Like every animal, they require care specific to their species to live a happy and healthy life. Here are some tips from PETA concerning the specialized care for these snakes, iguanas and geckos.

  • Snakes must be kept in clean tanks, larger than 30-gallons, within controlled temperatures. These animals are susceptible to many illnesses and must see a vet regularly.

  • Green iguanas require long-term care and financial investment. These animals can grow to be six-feet long and live for more than two decades. They require a very specific diet, habitat and veterinary attention which can make their cost of care high.

  • Geckos are much smaller than iguanas but can live much longer. They require a diet of insects and mice. These animals also need to be housed in a very specific environment with a temperature that does not change.

Convenient Vet Services

Petroglyph Animal Hospital is your local source for comprehensive veterinary care. We offer a full range of medical services designed to provide the optimal care for your pet throughout their entire life. Our state of the art facility features climate-controlled habitats to house your exotic animals for the duration of their stay. If you need local veterinary care for your snake, iguana or gecko, trust Petroglyph Animal Hospital- the exotic animal vet Albuquerque pet owners love.