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Common Household Items That Could Endanger Your Pet

Dog Wearing Mask |  Petroglyph Animal Hospital Your pet is your best friend, so that’s why you do so much to take care of them, whether that’s giving them treats or providing them with quality routine animal hospital care like vaccinations and veterinary dentistry in Albuquerque. But despite all your care, it’s possible that your house contains common items that could endanger your pet. Be sure to watch out for what goes into your pet’s mouth to maintain good health.

Can Plants Endanger Your Pet?

As pretty as they might be, plants can be a serious threat to the health of your pet. If your dog or cat munches on certain houseplants, you can expect severe side effects such as vomiting, abdominal pain, lethargy, and in some dramatic cases, even death. Some of the most dangerous plants for pets are ivies, azaleas, oleanders, tulips, lilies, and sago palms. If you find your pet chomping on a poisonous houseplant, call your veterinarian immediately.

How Dangerous Are Batteries To Your Pet’s Oral Health?

A common household battery might not seem too dangerous, but if it gets into your pet’s mouth, your pet could have a long road of veterinary dentistry ahead. The acidic content contained in a battery can cause a mouth ulcer in your pet, which is extremely painful and can cause permanent damage to teeth and gums.

What About Household Cleaning Supplies?

Your cleaners and detergents might help keep your home clean and in good shape, but that is certainly not the case for your pet. These items contain many potentially toxic chemicals that can have many negative effects. Dishwasher detergent, for example, can burn the muscle membrane in your pet’s mouth, requiring a swift visit to your veterinarian.

Caring Routine Care and Veterinary Dentistry Albuquerque

Neglecting your pet’s oral hygiene could end in a number of painful health issues. Let us our highly trained specialists in veterinary dentistry help prevent these issues or provide emergency dental surgery when necessary. If your pet needs medical attention in Albuquerque, contact Petroglyph Animal Hospital today! Call right away at (505) 898-8874.