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Bird Vet Albuquerque

Bird Vet Albuquerque

Fly to Petroglyph Animal Hospital, the bird vet Albuquerque pet owners flock to. We can provide your bird with exceptional avian care. While our knowledgeable team of veterinarians is ready to meet your pet’s healthcare needs, we believe that the best care for your bird begins with a healthy home.   

Home Safety for Your Bird

Sharing your home with a cherished pet is a great experience. Although health issues can affect any pet at any time, you can help preserve their health by keeping your home as safe as possible for your bird. The Center for Disease Control recommends these tips on housing your pet bird:

  • To keep your pet from getting hurt or trapped, don’t let your bird fly around your home unattended.
  • Don’t house your bird in kitchens, dining rooms or anywhere you prepare, store or serve food.
  • Make sure your bird’s cage is safe, sturdy, and clean.
  • To prevent diseases from spreading to your pet, keep your bird away from wild animals and insects.
  • Supervise your bird while around other pets to ensure they interact safely.
  • To prevent the spread of Salmonella, do not let your pet bird play or be housed near reptiles.

Bird Veterinary

Pet birds need specialized care from trained veterinary professionals. The Humane Society suggests that all bird owners rely on a board-certified avian veterinarian for their long-term care. They have a detailed knowledge of the bird’s nutritional and behavioral needs and will provide the best care for your pet.

When birds get sick, it’s common that they’ll hide their symptoms. Even minor shifts in behavior can be indicative of an illness. No matter how small or significant your bird’s symptoms may be, it’s important that you exercise extreme caution and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Petroglyph Animal Hospital is ready to provide care to your pet bird 7 days a week. Our team of veterinary experts is equipped to cater to your exotic animal’s needs. From parakeets to parrots, bring your pet to the bird vet Albuquerque bird owners trust- Petroglyph Animal Hospital.